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Meet The Keynotes

30 Panelists

Announced March 15th 5pm PST

Tune in here to join us LIVE:

Lia Valencia

CEO and founder of Valencia Key jewelry, featured on QVC. She grew up in very dark humble beginnings - impoverished, hungry, homeless, & at an early age experienced the loss of the 3 beautiful hearts that raised me: her mother, grandmother & aunt. Her ability to shine through darkness coupled with her determination to create her own beautiful world of intentional sparkling internal brightness, unlocked her purpose, creativity, and bravery. She says that her Life is a Miracle of Radiating light, illuminating her way out of the dark. a true example that your predicament does not determine your destiny.

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Fidel Forde

Fidel Forde is a Life and Business Empowerment coach who teaches entrepreneurs how to tap into their spark, create sustainable success, more impact, more income and self care without burnout. He is also motivational and leadership speaker, yoga teacher, BodyMind wellness practitioner, military spouse and father of four children.

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